Custom Cover Design and Graphics


Original Cover Design

— One-hour consultation on goals, marketing plans, and the "feel" of the book

— Three draft options

— One final cover graphic in AI or PSD, EPS, TIFF, JGP, GIF, and PNG formats for use in print or web

— Reformatted and sized for Social Media: One GIF or PNG file each for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and/or YouTube

— All cover designs appropriate for use as thumbnails on reseller sites

— Exclusive use of all artwork. No recycling of graphical elements for future clients. Certification of licensing for reworked royalty-free materials.



— Companion art preparation for print or web

— Charts, graphs, infographics

— Promotional memes

— Social media profile and cover graphics

— Interactive author, artist, musician resumes

— Visual aids, including slideshows

Graphic costs will be invoiced

Not ready for a custom cover? Check out the pre-made selection below!

See samples of Mari's custom covers at the bottom of the page!

Pre-made Covers - $50 (front only); $75 (with print wrap) MORE COMING SOON!

Cover Samples (not for sale) - Romance

Cover Samples (not for sale) - Historical Fiction and others

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