Business and Technical Services


Original Business Writing ($12-15/page)

Clarifying concepts, products, and services for internal and external audiences, executive to entry-level, trade to consumer, industry insider to end-user.


— Sales and promotional materials

— Business planning documents

— Proposals, grants, RFP, RFQ, SOQ

— Bid documents

— Media relations materials

— Government and corporate certifications

— Resumes and cover letters

— Print and web advertising copy

— Executive biographies

— Correspondence

— Social media profiles and updates

— and more


Original Technical Writing ($12-15/page)

Working with SMEs and technical teams to provide "plain English" documentation of highly complex technical material, such as user guides, research analysis, and technical reports. Evaluating and strengthening argument, coherence, concision, audience analysis, citation, readability, and graphics.


— RFP/RFQ/SOQ technical responses

— Corporate certifications, including federal, state, municipal, and Fortune 500

— Research analysis

— Technical reports

— End-user documents

— System/Process documentation


Document Editing

(For editing definitions, see Author Services)

— Structural editing ($10-12/page)

— Line (copy) editing ($8-10/page)

— Proofreading ($5-8/page)

— ESL/ELL experience


Notes on Writing and Editing Rates

— Variations in price depend on an initial review of materials, which is undertaken at no charge prior to contracting editorial services.

— All editing will be completed in Microsoft Word, using Track Changes. Other software, such as Acrobat, OpenOffice, or InDesign, or provision of handwritten notes will incur additional costs.

— Page rates above are based on a US-standard 8.5x11-inch page, single-sided, Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, 1/2-inch paragraph indent, no space between paragraphs. (This results in about 275 words per page.)

— Footnotes, captions, and  graphics with words are included in the page count; numerical tables/charts/graphs, equations, etc. are not (and will not be checked for accuracy).

— The rate is based on submitted, not corrected, manuscript.

— Flat rates are available when contracting for multiple services, or for long-term projects.


Graphic design (rate varies)

— Logo design and corporate Identity

— Sales/Marketing materials (brochures, newsletters, web graphics, slide shows)

— Proposals for government and industry (RFP, RFP, SOQ, GSA schedules, SBA certifications)

— Technical documentation (reports, user guides, spec sheets, issue analysis, SME material)

— Academic work (journal articles, theses, dissertations, research results)

— Companion graphics and infographics

— Visual aids

— Interactive documents


Formatting (rate varies)

— Publication-ready output to any defined mechanical specifications

— Complex tables and graphs

— Automatically generated tables of contents and indexing

— Footnotes/endnotes

— Chapter sectioning, headers/footers, page numbering

— Citation review and formatting

— Style book consistency, standard or in-house (including style book development)


Localization (rate varies)

— American English editing and proofreading

— Marketing-oriented rewriting for clarity and impact

— Original graphic design for use with multiple languages

— Formatting of existing materials for additional languages


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